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Example thinks it's "weird" that he hasn't heard from Mike Skinner in years

Example finds it "weird" that he hasn't heard from his old label boss, Mike Skinner, in "three or four years". 

The 'Stay Awake' hitmaker was signed to Skinner's Beats label back in 2006 and the pair spent considerable time together on the road while touring, but it has now come to light that The Streets star hasn't contacted Example in a long time. 

"I haven't heard from Mike for three or four years. I think it's weird. The only reason why I would have liked that call (to congratulate him), because we spent so much time together on tour and I like didn't think we were best mates, but we were pretty close and shared some good times on tour, and to go from someone signing you and putting faith in you and wanting you to do well, which he did obviously and then to never hear from them for three or four years, I find that a bit weird."

He added to Rio Ferdinand's #5 magazine, "I don't expect to be invited around to dinner, but a text or an email saying congratulations on your new song."

Example is on course to score the UK's No.1 album on the weekend (September 11) with 'Playing In The Shadows' and you can watch the video for his chart-topping single 'Stay Awake' here: