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Example wants to change musical direction: 'Pop acts are copying my style too much'

'Kickstarts' hitmaker Example has admitted that he wants to veer away from his usual sound because his "formula" is cropping up in the music of other pop bands too often.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he explained that he keeps hearing his signature style in the chart-topping hits of boybands and girl groups, and it annoys him because it has really seeped into the mainstream:

"My second album was experimental - there were so many different sounds on there - but my last album brought the underground dance genres to the mainstream."

"Since then, every boyband or girlband copies the recipe for 'Changed The Way You KIss Me' or 'Stay Awake', which is why I want to go the other way now and make a rock album, but do it my way."

He also revealed that his love for rock music began at school although, to fit in, he began rapping: "Musically, I always wanted to be the lead singer of a band when I was a kid. I always loved rock music, but when I was at school, the only reason I started rapping is because I wanted to fit in."

"I can do what I want more now, because I'm established, so musically there are a lot more guitars on this album."

His new record, entitled 'The Evolution of Man', is due to be released on November 18.




Check out the lyric video for his new single, 'Close Enemies', below: