Example and Rankin work together again for Hungertv.com

Example returned to the fore recently with the release of ‘Say Nothing’ the first single from his soon to be released fourth album  - smashing into the UK charts with a No 2 hit - taken from his soon to be released fourth album, The Evolution of Man. To mark the album release he has teamed up with photographer and director Rankin, to create a viral masterpiece for the opening track – the Benga-produced ‘Come Taste The Rainbow.’ The video will be premiered on 19th October exclusively on HungerTV, and shows Example as hes never been seen before. 

Azealia Banks and Sky Ferreira are also amongst those who have been directed by Rankin for what are now coming to be known as ‘dirty videos’ – creative, spur-of-the-moment music films which Rankin shoots off the back of photo shoots, in his studio. They will all appear exclusively on Hungertv.com. Example’s, which premiered on 19th October shows the artist as he’s never been seen before.  

“I've done photo shoots with Rankin but Come Taste the Rainbow was my first video experience with him,” said the artist who was painted silver for the film. “I like the way he works - it's like my approach to songwriting - he knows in his head what the finished article needs to look like and works towards that end goal - making his mind up as he goes along. We didn't decide to paint me silver until an hour before we starting rolling cameras. I enjoy this approach - fast, confident and instinctive. I think it will surprise some people.” 

Of the collaboration, Rankin says, 'I love working with Example. In the same way that he is unafraid to push his music into new territories, he is also unafraid to experiment with his image. Collaborating with him is a truly creative and open-minded process. Not many artists would buy into a horror-themed video - but he knows how to take a genre and make it unique to him.'

The video for ‘Come Taste The Rainbow’ follows the premiere of new single ‘Close Enemies’ where Rankin and Example teamed up once again telling a dark and sinister tale of love and monsters.  The video aired across all Example official channels last week and has since taken the online world by storm.  

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