Hot Release - Nick Otronic Ft. Lara Loft - You Like It (Uoh Oh) - Official Video

German based songwriter & producer Nicolas Heine has his debut track called You Like It (Uoh Oh) released on Exclusive / Kontor Media. The track is a sublime piece of euro pop with catchy hook lines.


Dance music producer Nick Otronic has been producing electronic 

music since 2007. He lives in Bremen, Germany along with vocalist 

Lara Loft. Nick Otronic produces dance tracks that are very 

melodic and harmonic, which makes his music recognizable. 

Lara is currently studying musical singing at the EUMAC (European 

Musical Academy), she has developed a strong and clear sound in 

her voice which makes it  perfect for dance music. Their song “You 

Like It” is a very catchy euro pop track which suits Lara’s vocals 

perfectly. The package is complete with massive remixes coming 

from Acid Noise Factory, YMCD and a Dubstep remix by Flunki & 


Dance loves you: 

April 30, 2012 8:53am ET by Exclusive Recordings   Comments (0)

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