Giulia ‘turns off’ for world Earth Hour

Singer songwriter joins millions to save the planet


Press release: March 2015


Giulia ‘turns off’ for world Earth Hour

Singer songwriter joins millions to save the planet



Earth Hour: 8.30pm GMT 28 March:  WWF’s Earth Hour is a global annual event where hundreds of millions of people switch off their lights for one hour to show they care about our planet.  For just one-hour each year, people from all corners of the globe unite to create a symbolic and spectacular ‘lights out’ display as a way of asking for change to help save our planet.  For 2015, Italian singer songwriter, Giulia, joins the campaign by with a mighty musical message:


“Doing our bit for the plant should be a priority for all of us,” comments Giulia, “My forthcoming single entitled ‘Turn Your Light On’ inspired me to show people how we can all think differently to help initiate change.  So, as musical support for Earth Hour I’ve re-worked my single and re-named it ‘Turn Your Lights Off’.”


Giulia’s special mix is an unplugged acapella version which strips back the use of any electrical instruments to prove that music can be enjoyed without having to draw from the planet’s resources.  


In the UK alone we’re consuming three times our fair share of the planet’s natural resources and we’re facing the biggest environmental challenge that our generation has ever seen – climate change.  Our planet is our legacy, if we don’t treat it with respect the impact will be devastating for generations to come.  It’s real, it’s happening now and it’s affecting the things we all love such as our climate, our oceans, our forests and our animals.  But the good news is that we can all make a difference if we start now.


“We’re treating our world like a giant light bulb, that’s constantly switched on 24/7.  If we all switched off for Earth Hour, it’d be the greatest light show that our planet has ever seen,” states Giulia. 


Everyone, everywhere can make a difference by joining in the lights out party.  From celebrating a candlelit dinner or switching off your TV and simply talking for an hour, it really is simply to join in.  Landmarks across the globe will be powering-down to mark their support, this really is a world-wide effort.  To find out more, get ideas about how you can help and to log your activity for Earth Hour visit:


“The title of my song says it all.  ‘Turn Your Lights Off’ is a clear simple to message to everyone out there to do their bit for Earth Hour.  It doesn’t take much to flick that switch and enjoy the pleasure of candle light for sixty minutes.  And I’m hoping that my track will ring in everyone’s minds as a great reminder of the fantastic difference that they’re making to this marvelous planet.”


Think differently for one hour, switch off and be part of the greatest light show on earth.  It really will make a difference for generations to come.


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