Mollie Marriott Unveils New Music Video For 'A Million Miles' and Reveals All To Press Party

1. You were around musicians and the music industry at such a young age. Did that make you want to become a musician? Did you always know that’s what you wanted to do?

I think it was more of a case of I had no choice. I tried so many different things such as Dental Nursing, Make Up Artist, working in fashion but music was always what I fell back to. I never excelled in anything but music. I think its because nothing else called my heart like it does. Unless I’m passionate about it it doesn’t grab me. I wanted to try other fields just to be sure and to be honest, to learn new things. I always found they were never enough and almost like I was caging myself from the reality. I have been able to bring my Make Up and Fashion experience into my career so it was never a waste.

2 When you were 15, Liam Gallagher asked you to record vocals for the Oasis ‘Heathen Chemistry’ album. How did it feel to be doing such an incredible thing at such a young age?

It was for a track that didn’t make the album in the end but it was a great experience. I thank him and Stan Kybert (who was the Producer) very much as it gave me the real bug. Liam said “If you can sing in front of me you can sing in front of anyone so come on!” He was right. He stared at me through the glass the entire time but it was certainly a “Now or Never” moment. I chose now and went for it!

3.  How would you describe your sound?

I’ve really struggled personally but someone described it as Country/Grunge which I think hits the nail on the head. Im very happy with that as they are both huge influences on me. I grew up in the 90’s so Grunge was huge and it was like hearing my soul. My StepDad always played Country round the house so it stuck.

4. What's the creative process for your songs? What inspires the music?


 Im a melody person for sure. They flood my head and i have to focus on one at a time otherwise I go mad. I normally see if the melody sticks for a few weeks and if it does I sit down and start writing to it. I hear the whole production in my head sometimes before i’ve even written a lyric. That can be pretty restricting so I love working with others. Sam Tanner (Brother Strut) is one of my best friends and I always send him stuff and he’s always honest with it. We’ve written a lot together including my upcoming single A Million Miles. He is fantastic with chord structures and melodies and harmonies. We are suckers for a 3 part!! Judie Tzuke is also a great friend and someone I’ve written with for the album and she has taught me so much lyrically. She creates the most beautiful, honest lyrics that paint such a vivid picture. On days I’m not working I like to go to museums, read poetry and get inspired by other peoples imagination and life experiences. I am more into the dark side of things and how it can actually be quite beautiful. The album shows that I think.

5. Would you say your music has traits of your father's sound? 

If I’m honest I don’t think so as we are very different. I’ve been told there are elements in my voice that have his sound but otherwise i’m really just me. If there was I think it would be more Humble pie as it has the heavier soul vibe. 

6. You’re all set to release your new single ‘A Million Miles’ in October, and your new album ‘Truth Is A Wolf’ in 2016. What can we expect from that?

A Million Miles is a song that I wrote after spending time with a dear friend and he expressed how he was desperate for love and every time he found himself in a great relationship, out of fear of it breaking he would break it himself so he had control over being hurt, the self destruct button. I found that so beautifully tragic but also related as I had done the same once. Its a very driving Fleetwood Mac kind of vibe. It’s always fun to play live with the band but sounds really lovely stripped back. It has a real chanting chorus that can get stuck in your head. Truth Is A Wolf is basically a collection of things that I went through in the space of 3 years. I think you’ll certainly get to know me. Its definitely not for easy listening but its raw, honest and I think musically its a real roller coster. Im very excited about everyone hearing it. Its been something that needed to be done for a long time and was very cathartic when writing.

7. Will you be touring after the album release?

I truly hope so as that is my favourite thing to do. To connect with the audience, to reel them in to the emotion and energy and to vibe off of them is magical. I have a phenomenal band that truly blow me away and bring such musicality to my writing. They are the same musicians you hear on the album and I hope I can share it with you all. 





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