Jazz Mino Releases 'Crush' With A Colourful Campaign

Jazz Mino releases Crush 
Crush continues colourful campaign 

Vibrant, open-hearted and bursting with energy, Jazz Mino is an easy to love singer-songwriter with powerful, rich vocals & infectiously catchy melodies. Her latest single, a cover of Crush, will be released on November 17th on Peanut Party Records. 

After working hard behind the scenes toplining for established artists, Jazz Mino has bounced into the spotlight, bringing along her passion for positivity, and talking about the importance of self-care, equality and diversity. 

Born in Manchester, raised in Somerset & now living in London; the half-Iranian pop sensation is no stranger to diverse outlooks on life. Grasping the perfect combination of being open-minded enough to listen to everybody’s voice, but strong-minded enough to know who she is and what she believes in, Jazz Mino is making a stand for a more open, honest, caring society. Equality, diversity, and the importance of self-care are Jazz Mino’s core values, and are represented in her colour changing, multi-single campaign.

Since the release of her first single in the campaign, the pink themed ‘The Love Of You’, Jazz Mino has picked up a keen following for her messages of positivity, the importance of making time for yourself, and listening to your mind and body. 

Releasing through AWAL and backed by Peanut Party Records, her second single of the campaign, the orange themed Crush (Jennifer Paige cover) has already been championed by Spotify’s Austin Daboh, Radio 1’s Reece Parkinson, as well as Jennifer Paige herself.

Speaking about the new single, she writes: “The cover of Crush has a particular focus on overcoming anxiety. This is something I’ve been working on for a long time and I’m finally at a point where I’m enjoying and appreciating the moment, rather than over analyzing every situation and focusing on future happiness and success. I used to feel talking about this was very taboo, but have found the confidence to speak out and with it, found that it’s actually a very relatable topic to many people. I love my cover of Crush, it’s about feeling confident within yourself to just let your hair down and that’s something I’ve been able to achieve by overcoming and anxiety. 

The buzz around Jazz Mino’s colour-filled campaign has also grabbed the attention of Crazy Color and Lush Hair Extensions, developing product ambassador agreements with both, and whose products will be a key feature on her imagery throughout the campaign.

The release will be followed up by a remix by iconic Swedish producer Oliver Nelson, who was keen to put his spin on the track from the moment he listened to it. Recorded at Soho Studios, London, Crush is a dynamic, heartfelt track, which has already received glowing reviews during private industry listening sessions.

To support her message of equality, diversity, and self-care, Jazz Mino will be undertaking a tour of UK schools, to ensure that people from the youngest age are aware of their mental wellbeing and health.

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