Katie Coleman on her inspirations and the 'Times Up' movement

Hi Katie, how's your week been so far? 

I feel like this week has been full on and that's perfect!

How did you first get into music? 

It all started from when I first realised I wanted to sing. I grew up around music - dad played guitar and my mum would always be singing. I was 7 when I performed in front of my school and from that I knew that's all I wanted to do. I even joined the orchestra playing the flute! Ha. Then the guitar came and that was it. I wrote my first song at 9. It's cringeworthy now. At 14 I was already gigging around little pubs and clubs around the North East and even from that I knew I'd do this for a very long time!

Who inspires you as an artist? 

I grew up listening to a lot of my dads old collection of northern soul, blues, stuff. So I loved the big female singers like Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight. But the album I got into as a young girl was actually Stripped by Christina Aguilera. I love everything about it and have really amazing memories of my mum and myself singing in the car to it full blast! But experiences inspire me the most. If I'm going through a break up, or a crisis. If I've been through something then I'll need to write about it. Happy or sad.

'Not your pin up girl' has a very powerful message, what inspired this? 

I think I saw a silly quote or a meme on Instagram actually. I was on my way to a writing session and for some reason it stuck with me. It was along the lines of  'When someone asks you what are getting so dressed up for'. Like do I need a reason? And I've had that said to me many times! As if I'm doing it for anyone else. I just needed to write how that made me feel. It just stands up to that way of thinking. You should be able to dress, act and be whoever you want to be without anyone judging you! Man or woman.

You wrote the single in solidarity with the 'Times Up' movement, do you have any message you would like to share regarding 'Times Up' and what the movement stands for? 

Its quite alarming that still in 2018 that young girls & women everywhere are still having to go through their daily lives being subjected to all forms of sexual harassment. Even just walking down the street and being honked at, to getting inappropriate comments about you're makeup or how you're dressed at work. It's sad that we don't even realise half the time because it feels so normal and it shouldn't! Movements like this are so important because it keeps the conversation going so we can keep speaking up!

Do you have a message or any advice for young women and girls trying to make it in the creative industries? 

Yes. Just keep going! Despite what obstacles you face and who says otherwise. Make sure you know your worth and always be honest with yourself. That's the best way to get through anything. I need to keep reminding myself of this too - it's tough but it's always worth it.

Really enjoying the 'Girl Power' vibes of the 'Not your pin up girl' video, what inspired the video? 

I worked with the amazing Sitcom Soldiers. They really just got it straight away what I was going for. Strong and simple. I had my friends involved & my mum was there and I just wanted it to be fun and for everyone to feel included. I'd like for everyone who sees the video to get the feel good vibes. That's essentially what inspired the video my friends, family & my gay friends and young girls and guys to feel like they can relate and be fearless after watching it too!

What does Feminism and Girl power mean to you? 

Exactly what it is - Gender Equality. For me its all about being strong as a woman and being able to stand up for yourself. We need to be able lift each other up as women and girls and to empower each other. Come on, no one really likes hating!

Can you tell us a bit about the female role models and icons you have in your life and how they've inspired you?

Sounds super cheesy but I'm very lucky to say that my mam & my nanna are my huge inspirations. They can actually both sing so naturally I get my voice from them, you can just imagine our family parties! But also how they've overcome some really hard times and still remain so unapologetically fierce! Rocking the big hair and the lipstick no matter what gets in their way. And I think that's what I'm inspired by, their strong way of thinking.

And finally, what music/ artists are you enjoying at the moment?

I love music that's nothing like mine! But right now I'm loving Anne Marie and I'd love to collab with Stefflon Don. That would be fierce!

March 26, 2018 8:38am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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