An Interview With Danielle Lewis

Singer-songwriter Danielle Lewis emerges from the shadows to give her hauntingly delicate vocals the exposure they deserve on this stunning EP

Welsh born Danielle Lewis’ goal for her new EP ‘Live Forever’ released July 6th was clear. She wanted to create music that was honest and authentic, and yet she didn’t want to be an artist who was afraid to explore and innovate. Welcome ‘Live Forever’, the EP that so perfectly achieves these ambitions.

Hi Danielle! Thanks for sitting down with us. So, your new EP ‘Live Forever’ is beingreleased on July 6th. Can you tell us about the eponymous lead track?

The track 'Live Forever' was the transition for me, the lyrics present a deep pain and the desire to better oneself. I wanted to keep it simple and striking in production and took great care in building delicate, almost orchestral layers with the Fender Rhodes and bowed vibraphone for a haunting yet uncommon sound.

There is a truly ethereal quality to the track ‘Live Forever’. Why did you decide to take the track in that musical direction?

This was the most adventurous and authentic of creations yet. I wanted to evolve and flirt with different styles and present a deeper depth vocally and lyrically. Having space in the production was important to allow my voice to impact.

What are some of the dominant themes of the EP?

I grew up in a little seaside town and feel like the ocean represents a lot of my emotions.

How did you find the writing process of the EP? What prompted you to start the EP in the first place?

I wrote the songs over two years whilst taking a break from releasing to really focus on what I truly wanted to explore next. I was evolving personally and musically for a long time so the transition felt natural and organic.

Who do you think has influenced you most as a musician and performer?

I don't really use music for influence, for inspiration yes. The weather, my voice and instruments are influences. The harmonium played a big part in influencing 'Wasted'. The sound holds a hypnotic drone adding to the prayer-like feel to the song.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Relaxing on a warm sandy beach drinking tea before another global tour.

When did you realise that being a musician was something that you wanted to do seriously? Have you always been interested in performing and writing your own music?

At 3 years old singing and making up words to the theme tune of Jurassic Park. Performing has always come naturally first, the writing came with experiences. Nothing else has been an option since.

We see that you worked with Secondson the producer, how was this experience?

I admired his dedication to create sounds in an unconventional way, such a an Ebow on the electric guitar or the bowed vibraphone. Pretty much everything heard in this record is from it's original source, from his vast and impressive studio of vintage synthesizers. I wanted the production to be as authentic as my vocals.

And finally... What can we expect from you next?

I look forward to taking this record to the live stage next, that's where it's at for me.

With her EP being released on July 6th and new music already in the pipeline, Danielle Lewis is ready to share her unique talent with the world, and we could not be more excited for her bewitchingly delicate debut...

Check her out here...

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