LUENA Returns with Heartfelt Anthem 'Honeymoon Phase'


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Breakout star LUENA returns to release her intensely relatable new single ‘Honeymoon Phase’ following her time on tour with The Vamps.

Riding high after the success of her debut single ‘Worth It’, CeCe Sammy’s protégé LUENA returns on April 19th with her classic heartbreak anthem ‘Honeymoon Phase’.

Starting simply with a laidback synth introduction, the track quickly intensifies with the inclusion of LUENA’s characteristically striking vocals. With a pulsing percussion section and an enrobing synth collection, the song is beautifully intoxicating in its musicality. The track gives LUENA the opportunity to fully illustrate her vocal control and dexterity, and shows a different side to this talented musician.

As an adolescent LUENA found it difficult to navigate the often cut-throat environment of secondary school. She didn’t have many friends and was never invited to her classmates’ parties or even to hang out. In LUENA’s mind, this was because she was mixed race, and these negative thoughts quickly turned into low self-esteem and depression

When LUENA started singing, it was for herself more than anyone else. Writing and performing music – even if was only to her bedroom walls – allowed her to regain some of the confidence that she lost during her tumultuous teen years. It was around this time that she began to work with vocal coach to the stars CeCe Sammy, and her confidence and self-belief began to grow exponentially.
“After working with her for quite some time, I saw how much her confidence had grown and encouraged her to audition for The X-Factor” explained vocal coach and mentor CeCe Sammy. “I wanted her to realise that it wasn’t just about beating the rest of the competition; it was about how she viewed herself.”

Since then LUENA has gone on to perform in public, be a TV judge, open for Steps on their UK tour, and will soon be supporting world-renowned super group The Vamps on their UK tour.

The tour comes following the success of LUENA’s school tour earlier this year. LUENA visited schools (alongside other Power of Musik representatives) around the country to educate teens and adolescents on Mental Health and bullying issues.

So what’s next? Well with ‘Honeymoon Phase’ being released on April 19th and The Vamps tour coming to a close on the 1st of June, here’s betting that you’ll be seeing a lot more of LUENA this year…

May 21, 2019 10:00am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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