Press Release: Hilary Roberts Releases Moving Pop Ballad 'Fight To The Other Side'





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For American singer-songwriter Hilary Roberts, the past has been marked by tough struggles and tragic circumstances, but her musical talent to turn troubles into tracks is evident in her accompanying music video for 'Fight To The Other Side', which showcases Roberts sincerest gratitude to her close companion Annie Blake and that her own personal struggles will be overcome by her successes.

Roberts roots within music manifested when Hilary discovered a dexterity for singing at the tender age of ten years old. Running with this new found flair, she sought out gigs around venues of her hometown of Denver, Colorado performing across dinner playhouses and tv talent shows, securing a comfortable living lifestyle. Along the way, Hilary endured tragic events, however, surrounded by a solid support system of fellow friends the darkness of the past disappeared and Hilary was able to heal and help herself to a place of content, even pursuing projects including the Elton John AIDs Foundation (EJAF) supporting the singer in his charitable deeds to which Roberts was acknowledged for her achievements through an invitation to attend the UK premiere of John’s Rocketman biopic, all the whilst maintaining a musical career releasing singles 'There For You' and 'Back To Life'.

Follow up 'Fight To The Other Side' is a song dedicated solely to the hardships Hilary's friend was facing, battling from a form of muscular dystrophy Annie Blake was behind Roberts in the depths of her deepest pain. This single is a representation of the admirable reciprocation Roberts has for Blake.

Co-written with Christopher McDonald, Damon Sharpe and Felicia Greer Fight To The Other Side sonically packs powerful production and moving melodic moments. Reflected in its stunningly scenic music video portraying the poignant emotions expressed in the track, throughout the visuals duo of dancers and orchestra backing band atop of a leafy landscape.

June 6, 2019 6:02am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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