Trevor Drury Releases Heartbreaking New Music Video


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With its entrancing synth presence and mesmeric vocals, Trevor Drury’s new single, and accompanying music video, ‘Chapter Four’ shows a different side of this gifted artist and musician. Startling slowly with a percussive synth sound, the track quickly intensifies with the inclusion of Drury’s commanding vocals. The single continues to build as we move towards its climax, an enthralling chorus line.

The video highlights Drury's ease in front of the camera, and truly showcases his mesmeric stage presence. His performance throughout the video hammers home the sentiments of the track, and increases the sincerity of the lyrics. He is natural performer and the music video makes this very clear.

‘This Chapter’s closing // It’s closing but it’s been my favourite book I’ve read in a while’ sings Drury, and his intensely earnest tone means the sentiment is felt as much as it is heard. A highly emotional track, ‘Chapter Four’ has a clear narrative drive and makes it clear once more that Drury is, at his core, a storyteller. His tender explorations of love and life are presented in an honest and authentic way, giving us a look straight into the mind of this enigmatic artist.

An alt-pop track peppered with rock influences, ‘Chapter Four’ is a real musical success. The single gives Drury an opportunity to show the true extent of his vocal ability, and his voice rises and falls throughout the song with a sense of unbridled euphoria.

Check out Trevor Drury's new music video below, and stay tuned to see what this breakout star gets up to next.

July 8, 2019 6:52am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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