Rising Star Allegra Discusses Smash Hit Single ‘All About Us’ And Topping Billboard’s Dance Chart


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Allegra is the hottest young talent in the charts right now. The tender age of 16 isn’t at all tender for some, as Allegra has proved that age really is just a number and her debut single ‘All About Us’ has already been featured on the Billboard Dance Chart. Most recently she has lent her vocals to YouTube sensations Kurt Hugo Schneider’s video series of covering songs without having heard them first. Her vocals carry off the almost-cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ to perfection, with the sort of confidence one might expect from an artist at least twice her age. We caught up with this rising star to see what she has planned next.

Hi Allegra! How are you doing in the wake of the success of ‘All About Us’?

Hey! well what can I say? I just can’t believe it! I’ve had such incredible support from so many people, especially from people in the music industry and it’s really overwhelming ! I never crossed my mind that my first single would even be released in America ! I’m just still pinching myself

What was the best and the worst part of filming the music video?

The best part was just the rush I got when I was singing and dancing in front of the camera! I guess some people would be nervous in front of that many people but I was in my own little bubble singing my song! I loved it, I would have to say that the worst part was the next day when it was all over because I just enjoyed working with everyone ! I met such talented people and even though it was a two day shoot, I felt incredible sad the next day! I was like where is everyone

You recently collaborated with Kurt Hugo Schneider. How did that come about?

Well I went out to LA to work on my music and I was lucky enough that one of the things I got to do was meet and work with Kurt Hugo. I think he heard my single ‘All About Us’ and wanted to work together ! It went so quickly, I didn’t even realise that we were there working for hours !! I was just having so much fun singing and filming!

How did you feel about covering a song written by the fantastic Taylor Swift?

When I heard that the song I was going to sing was ‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift I instantly felt the pressure! I grew up listening and singing along to all of her songs in the car! She is an artist that I really respect! But because Kurt was producing it differently without hearing the original, I realised that I couldn’t focus on the way Taylor sang it! I had to make it my own and only hope that it could live up to her version as much as I love it!

So what’s next for you, Allegra? More music we hope!

Well, I'm very excited to say that I’m going back to LA this month!! When I found out I was over the moon because it meant that I could go back to a place which is so creative and full of such talented people! There is something about LA which makes me feel like I am in my element! I am also hoping to be releasing my next single very soon! So watch out because more music is coming out!

Allegra’s latest single and music video ‘All About Us’ is out now.

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