Rachael Sage releases another deeply personal song, 'Bravery's on Fire'


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Rachael Sage has done it again. Never one to shy away from personal stories, new track ‘Bravery’s on Fire’ is all about battling your inner demons in times of personal crisis - something which we can all relate to. Now, with this track, Rachael provides a voice to those of us who are struggling and reminds us that there is bravery in vulnerability.

This song follows on from her incredibly personal album, PseudoMyopia, an acoustic reworking of all the songs from her previous album. Rachael has proved time and again that her shrewd and canny lyrical know-how is what sets her apart from the crowd, and no more so than in this album which reveals her softer side and ability to hold her own in both acoustic and non-acoustic arrangements of her beautiful songs.

This song takes us into unchartered territory, however. Sage has recently fully recovered from endometrial cancer and this song, written now in recovery, is an exploration of what it means to be vulnerable and brave simultaneously.

It’s a song which makes use of Rachael’s trademark string section layered under her powerfully compelling vocals. It includes astute lyrical observations like the line “I don’t see a superhero when I look in the mirror,”, reminding us all that even this self-assertive songstress has moments when she feels less than the bold and iconic figure she presents to the rest of the world.

Listen to the beautiful audio for ‘Bravery’s on Fire’ down below, and make sure you stream and buy the song - 100% of the profits from which will go towards women’s cancer research.

October 17, 2019 6:49am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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