You & I is an expression of queer rage from outspoken trio, Bang Bang Romeo

Bang Bang Romeo are not exactly known for being quiet - but you’ve never heard them this loud before.


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Bang Bang Romeo have never been known for being quiet - but you’ve never heard them this loud before.

Anastasia ‘Stars’ is not your typical frontwoman. Her vocals must be heard to be believed, for one - described by Clash as “earth-shattering”, Gigwise as “once-in-a-blue-moon” and Radio X as “the most formidable frontwoman I’ve ever seen”. But Stars is not loud in volume alone; she has also been noted for her lyrics’ political content, and latest single ‘You & I’ is no exception.

Written in the midst of the indescribable devastation and sadness which followed the Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida, Stars’ poured all her grief and anger into this track, and it shows.

The band were due to perform at various Pride events this summer, as well as embark on their biggest headline tour to date, but Coronavirus had other ideas. They’re not letting that stop them, though, with live streams of performances, art & exercise sessions, as well and signing and guitar lessons and just generally lots of companionship. “The LGBTQIA+ community is such a strong community,” Stars said to Diva Magazine this week, “We can show just how strong we are and just how well we can be there for one another during this time.”

The track has gained a significant amount of radio airplay so far, and surely will continue to do so as we move into Pride season and need more LGBTQIA+ bangers to blast from our bedrooms!

Watch the lyric video down below and make sure to follow the band for all those freebies coming up soon!

April 14, 2020 8:49am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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