Exclusive interview with Kris James

We sat down with the 'Naive' singer to talk lockdown, tunes and bingeing habits...


Fifth Element PR

Hey Kris! How are you holding up during these weird times?

I’m great thank you, I’m holding up well in these strange times. I have concentrated on learning the guitar better and I have also started some virtual acting lessons so I am keeping very busy!

Describe your new song Naïve in three words

Naïve in 3 words would be positive, heartfelt and summery.

How have you been spending your quarantine? Learning new skills? Just chilling? Bingeing any good shows right now?

I am spending my quarantine by working out every day, I have taken up skipping, it’s making me feel great! I was very lucky to buy a lot of home gym equipment so have been working out a lot. I have just completed watching Hollywood, which is about the film industry in LA in the 1950’s, it’s very good (by the makers of Glee and Pose).

What can we expect from you once everything is back to normal?

Once lockdown, you can expect more material, maybe a couple of live gigs online! Once I get back with my band perfecting some live tours for next year and carry on releasing the album song by song!

Where can we find your content in the meantime?

You can find everything Kris James on my website:
www.krisjamesmusic.com and also my social media platforms @mrkrisjames.

Finally, anything else we should know about you?

I go live on TikTok a lot over quarantine so come and say hello!

May 12, 2020 12:01pm ET by Fifth Element PR  

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