Ekaterine's CHANGES taps into a long heritage of female musicians who don’t play by the rules

Following in the footsteps of the pop-rock greats - we’re talking Selena Gomez meets Billie Eilish with a dash of No Doubt - comes EKATERINE, a brand new talent with a skill for writing her way out of difficult situations. New single CHANGES encompasses the complex variety of emotions when faced with the challenge of finding yourself after losing someone or something close to you. Collaborating with GRAMMY-winning producer TOMMASO COLLIVA, ‘CHANGES’ sees EKATERINE taking charge of her own destiny.

‘CHANGES’ is out on the 5th February 2021.


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Georgia-born Ekaterine is clearly a woman who knows what she wants. In writing ‘CHANGES’, Ekaterine taps into a long heritage of female singer-songwriters who don’t play by the rules. Forgoing the saccharine-sweet crispy pop production of a million or more female singers, ‘CHANGES’ reveals Ekaterine’s imperfect side, showing messy and cathartic emotion in a world which so often tells women to sit quiet and look pretty.

Ekaterine collaborated with GRAMMY-winning producer Tommaso Colliva (Jay-Z, Muse, Erykah Badu) for the production of this single, which puts Ekaterine’s talents as a singer and musician at centre stage. It’s fitting, for a song and an artist who so clearly has a singular intention in making her own music, to work with a producer who is responsible for the careers of so many similarly impressive women in the pop-rock world. The song clearly depicts Ekaterine as a hard worker, someone who will never take the easy path if it means a job half done. Instead, she is seen working through her emotions, using her songwriting as a form of therapy, and revealing her messier side - with her honesty driving her forward. The strength and conviction in her performance pitches her as exactly the sort of singer one might expect to walk out into the limelight in the 2020s; unapologetic, loud and utterly original.

Ekaterine is no stranger to having to fight to get her own way. A deep strength in her convictions from a young age, Ekaterine ran away from boarding school in Cambridge in 2012 to sign a recording contract in London. In 2016 her single ‘Love Insane’ was picked up by BBC Introducing and in 2017 she was invited to play the BBC Introducing Live Sessions.

Now, with ‘CHANGES’, Ekaterine announces a new era in her life, one in which she is fully ready to take up the mantle and use the voice she has always had, to speak out and speak loudly.

CHANGES is out 5th March 2021

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