Non-binary hyperpop artist French Fries and Margarita releases the political CRIMES AGAINST NATURE

French Fries and Margarita, also referred to as Francesco, is a brave, confident non-binary artist who aims to infiltrate the queer music scene in early 2021. Their debut track, ‘CRIMES AGAINST NATURE’ is a sophisticated take on the hyper-pop genre, which manifests the most essential right for any human being - the right to be themselves.

CRIMES AGAINST NATURE is out on the 9th April 2021.


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FRENCH FRIES AND MARGARITA makes use of sci-fi influenced electronic elements in CRIMES AGAINST NATURE, which are utilised to compliment the hyper-pop sound of this bizarre character. Drawing inspiration from the plethora of LGBTQ+ musicians who have paved the way, FRENCH FRIES AND MARGARITA takes elements from ARCA, SOPHIE and more, and injects the blonde bombshell attitude of the likes of Madonna in order to create the kind of pop icon who only comes along once in a generation. The song was produced by Golow, a Germany-based singer songwriter. It was mixed by Kyle Mangels and was mastered by Grammy award winner John Greenham.

With French Fries and Margarita, what you see is what you get. And what we can see right now is superstar blonde hair and huge dark glasses. Marilyn crossed with Jackie O crossed with Lady Gaga crossed with Jean Paul Gaultier crossed with human rights warriors from down the decades. There’s a reason for the concealed identity - to reveal who French Fries and Margarita truly is could put them in danger in certain countries. “I need to create a boundary for my own protection, for my own safety until we have a future where I can be free and safe.”

Not that this will stop them fighting for it through their music. Debut track, CRIMES AGAINST NATURE is a concept French Fries and Margarita has taken from history. ‘It’s a legal term from the 19th and 20th centuries used to allege that same-sex activity or any sexual activity that was non-mainstream was a crime against nature, punishable even by death. That’s still true in many countries. So we use the same term against those people who think like that.’

French Fries and Margarita champions to shift people’s mindsets and perceptions to a more open-minded and progressive agenda by addressing and raising awareness of sociological and hegemonic accounts of society, like homophobia, transphobia, racism and religious fanaticism, alongside other forms of oppressions. And they do it whilst looking simply fabulous.

CRIMES AGAINST NATURE lands on the 9th of April 2021, the first phase in French Fries and Margarita’s plans to make the world a more accepting place.

April 14, 2021 10:46am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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