The video for 'A Whole World Waiting' is here!

Leo Sawikin's ode to living in the moment gets the video treatment, with a live video premiering on Maverick


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If not you, who? And if not now, when? This is the message put forward by Leo Sawikin in his latest mellowed out pop-rock anthem, ‘A Whole World Waiting’. Capturing the feeling of moving past heartbreak and into an unknown world of the unexpected, ‘A Whole World Waiting’ is out now.

‘A Whole World Waiting’ is the latest in a line of releases leading up to the singer’s debut full length, Row Me Away, which is set to drop in Autumn 2021. In the album, Sawikin looks inwards, into the mind of someone who struggles to be present and enjoy the little moments during this rollercoaster ride of a thing we call life. Sawikin’s songwriting is a mature and measured response to always feeling like someone else has it better, that looks at the world’s problems and wonders why there is such a lack of compassion. Instead, the compassion and companionship is created through his music.

“Overall, the new album reflects this feeling that you’ve missed out on the best the world has to offer, and just the pervading sense that things are getting more difficult in the world – and every attending emotion that goes along with it,” Leo adds. “It’s kind of like letting go of that and trying to figure out what you do after everything falls apart. When I wrote these songs, they were about the way my friends and I were thinking, that the world we think we have is not going to last long. We were thinking more in terms of issues like climate change or the political divisiveness, but the pandemic, which none of us expected, gives the songs more power. We’re already starting to live that new reality where you can’t turn your back for a second. In the old world, we could distract ourselves with our day to day lives, but now we’re forced to stare down just how fragile everything is.”

May 5, 2021 7:18am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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