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Crimes Against Nature doesn’t sound like anything else out there right now. But then, French Fries and Margarita isn’t like any other artist out there right now. A double whammy of intrigue, the non-binary singer/songwriter/musician/political activist/philosopher/disrupter/gender warrior does things their own way.

Their influences ‘come from those who express themselves in a unique way,’ which means we need to mention Coco Chanel and Madonna and Alexander McQueen, ‘the people who gave me the courage to invent this persona for the next generation.’ And Crimes Against Nature is a personal and political and unapologetically fabulous celebration of living authentically. Produced by Golow, mixed and Kyle Mangels and mastered by Grammy-winning John Greenham, it’s a deep, meaningful and masterful (well, French Fries and Margarita is a former music teacher as well as classically trained pianist) mix of electronic beats and hi-pop sensibilities, all washed down with oodles of glamour but with a poignant darkness lurking.

‘It’s a legal term from the 19th and 20th centuries used to allege that same-sex activity or any sexual activity that was non-mainstream was a crime against nature, punishable even by death.’ But this is French Fries and Margarita, so everything is cut through by life’s best tonic, humour. Even their name is bonkers and brilliant. ‘I love French fries and I love Margaritas. I’d go to clubs and watch beautiful hot guys and girls while sipping my Margarita and eating my French Fries in the corner. Margaritas are luxury and make you crazy and French Fries are something that everyone can share. So I suppose it’s a sort of philosophy.’

May 6, 2021 6:55am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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