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Encapsulating the variety of the human experience into a 10-track album, WITH PLEASURE is the upcoming full-length from Canadian songstress VISSIA, who proves she is an expert at translating complex human emotions into catchy pop hooks and killer melodies. WITH PLEASURE is an album which revels in honesty and confidence.

“Every single track on the album weaves together naturally, offering something that entertains, inspires, and leaves you pondering your own existence with a smile.” - Noctis Magazine

“Enchanting vocals” - Wonderland Magazine /// “VISSIA is the kind of artist for whom holding back simply isn’t an option, who attacks every song with the full force of a poet in love with every dapple of sunlight in her room, and every vibration of her guitar strings.” - Euphoria Zine /// “VISSIA's eye for detail anchors the range of styles in vivid lyrical strokes,” - Exclaim Canada /// “ lyrics that conjure a world within the listener’s mind” - 1883 Magazine


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From the freezing lands of Canada comes VISSIA, a singer with a warm enough personality to thaw out that winter chill. WITH PLEASURE is an album for fans of HALSEY and HAIM which bubbles over with joy and even relishes in its low points, for the range of human emotion is something to be celebrated. Each track comes with a sense of intuition and playfulness, observing everyday life moments and turning them to gold, true slices of fun-filled alt-pop perfection in an impressive full length release from the Canadian artist.

Whether it’s the neo-soul bliss of ‘The Cliffs’, the disco revival beats of ‘On My Mind’, the funk-soul vocal acrobatics of ‘Never Gonna Be The Same’ or the liberated vibes of ‘My Wom’, this album includes nods to a more nostalgic era of pop music, one in which solid vocals and a killer bassline were all you need. There’s a sense that VISSIA makes clear to whom she owes her roots as she throws a nod backwards to the nostalgic 90s era of pop, where girl groups reigned supreme. But she also resolutely looks forwards with her aesthetic and purpose as a musician. The power of VISSIA is unmistakably feminine, coming from a place of utter empathy and descriptive talent in the way she draws on the power of nature and earth in order to create a totally unique personality which shines through in every single track.

Standout track ‘The Cliffs’ is a celebration of the support to be found in your loved ones, watching as they take on a challenge with you by their side, as cheerleader and first port of call when searching for encouragement. Accompanied by a glorious music video which nods to the retro sun-soaked vibes of Lana Del Ray and the carefree melodies of Halsey or Hayley Kiyoko, this song and video is truly VISSIA’s crowning achievement in an album which astounds and surprises at every turn.

Album closer ‘About Moving On’ takes us in a different direction entirely. It’s a lo-fi slow burn of a tune which clocks in at nearly 6 minutes, taking its time to explore the non-linear narrative of grief in the wake of a bad break up. It’s an interesting note to end the album on, one which truly cements VISSIA as a jack of all trades when it comes to writing songs as a way to observe, record and interpret her own internal paradoxes.

In her own words… “When I started writing WITH PLEASURE, I had a completely different idea for what I thought the project was going to be. I thought I was going to make this, I don’t know, serious album, but when I sat down to write for it, that concept just didn’t feel right. Everybody will tell you your whole life, ‘Be true to yourself,’ but I don’t think it’s something you really understand until you are actually doing it. When I wrote ‘Walk Me Home’ – one of the first songs I wrote for the album – it felt like I had finally unearthed this master key. My only motive from then on was: do what feels good. Not what I thought somebody else would think is good or cool or the most profound, but what feels good to me. I luxuriated in emotion, indulged my curiosity and really had fun with the process. This might all sound like a very obvious approach to take, but we are all coming home to ourselves in our own time. The kind of growth it takes to stand firmly in our own convictions takes the time that it takes, but the timing is always right. Don’t be mistaken, With Pleasure is certainly not all about what one might at first consider to be pleasurable. With Pleasure means that there is joy in experiencing all of our dimensions: the light and the dark, the helpless and the triumphant, the ashes and the rebirth. That’s what authenticity is. That’s how it feels to be alive.”

Previous singles, ‘Walk Me Home’, ‘About Moving On’ and ‘On My Mind’ have garnered VISSIA frequent attention from the likes of Wonderland Magazine, Maverick, Neon Music, Essentially Pop and more in the UK, with her fan base only expanding during lockdown as a result of her weekly live sessions on Instagram.

VISSIA has made high-profile appearances including the UK’s Great Escape Festival, NXNE, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and the Canmore Folk Music Festival, sharing stages with the likes of Hawksley Workman, Jim Bryson, Matt Andersen and Lindi Ortega.

Driven by connection and thirsty for movement, VISSIA dives into bubbly waters and emerges with a collection of pop-polished gems. WITH PLEASURE is out now.

May 6, 2021 11:01am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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