Cassa Jackson debuts the love song for long-term relationships: Learning How To Love

A vocal masterpiece which details the hard work and dedication that goes into making a relationship work, ‘Learning How To Love’ is the new, immaculately produced and show-stoppingly emotive ballad from sultry popstar CASSA JACKSON.

Learning How To Love is out now.


Fifth Element PR

A unique new love song from vocal powerhouse and internet sensation Cassa Jackson, 'Learning How To Love' sees her embracing compromises and messy love all in the name of cultivating a relationship that's built to last.

Known for her ability to write evocative and emotional song about relationships, Jackson has built up a solid fanbase via social media, of predominantly young women who feel that her music can speak to them. This relatability has led to her streaming successes, including more than 4 million Spotify streams overall, 150k Tik Tok followers, and an appearance on CW's Pandora to perform her song 'He's No You'.

An epic pop song reflecting on the development of young love, ‘Learning How To Love’ depicts an imperfect relationship which overcomes the odds to remain true and beautiful. It’s a defiant song, one which works directly against the persuasive tug of social media to be unattainably perfect, and proves that beauty and strength in a relationship comes from hard work and dedication. At a young age, love and life are complicated things to navigate and Cassa has learnt that the ideal relationship is not perfect, but a process of learning how to love an entire person through the ups and the downs, combined with mutual love and support. Cassa is at the top of her game with this vocal masterpiece.

June 30, 2021 9:34am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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