Cassa Jackson prepares to release 'Wish I Didn't Care'

Cassa Jackson shows off her darker side with ‘WISH I DIDN’T CARE’ (music video in production), a track about envy and frustration. Building on from her success with the lovestruck ‘Learning How To Love’, Jackson continues her trend of writing honest and relatable anthems about the ways in which we traverse relationships as messy, imperfect humans.

WISH I DIDN’T CARE is out on the 2nd September and is followed by the CROSSROADS EP on the 7th.


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Cassa Jackson has always been the go-to singer-songwriter for honest, relatable songs about love and relationships. She’s an expert at capturing all those different little emotions we all feel when experiencing a crush or a heartbreak for the first time, and her approachable nature has gained her fans the world over. It’s the reason she has over 4 million Spotify streams, with ‘Parallel Universe’ reaching over 1.5 million streams alone. She also has over a whopping 155k Tik Tok followers, a testament to her raw natural talent - as most of her Tik Tok videos feature Cassa singing her own songs in her car or kitchen.

But we’ve never seen her quite like this before.

‘Wish I Didn’t Care’ is Cassa Jackson’s vocal and emotional tour-de-force of dark pop. Detailing the kind of envy and paranoia felt when you catch your crush staring at another girl, Cassa does a fantastic job of making this undeniably challenging tangle of emotions come across in a relatable and accessible way. Including soulful vocal licks, and even something resembling a scream, Cassa’s personality and vocal flair is all over this deeply personal record.

WISH I DIDN’T CARE is out on the 2nd September.

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