Genre-bending producer LdashD releases new catchy anthem ‘Don’t Give Up’

Tough, inventive, no-nonsense genre-bending hook-laden guitar-based multi-ethnic, LdashD is behind the progressive dance music DJ and Graffiti artist that flouts convention. LdashD releases a new EP with the 1st single, 'Don't Give Up' coming out on Jan.14th swiftly followed by ‘Does it Feel Right’, ‘Party People’ and 'Asian Raver'.


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Keeping his identity anonymous in a true Banskyesque fashion, LdashD embodies the pure UK dance experimental school that shuns the ubiquitous, mostly mass-produced, run-of-the-mill productions. Pioneering his original sound, LdashD, a self-taught producer, can't help it, but his Hi-NRG pop-infused material keeps getting better and better with each release.

The new LdashD single, 'Don't Give Up,' is no exception, as the track comes at a reflective time when people tend to hibernate to take stock of their lives. This is the third part of a trilogy of positive, forward-looking EP’s, ‘BestLife,’ ‘We Still Dance’ and now ‘Don’t Give Up,’ fifteen top tracks in total, written and released during the recent pandemic, all designed to lift us out of the doom and gloom of lockdown, featuring powerful, positive, uplifting songs. The energetic intro featuring infectious DnB elements immediately pulls you in with lyrics 'you said you are feeling strong’. The driving, hypnotic beat of the anthemic pick-me-up, 'Don't Give Up' is a welcoming lifebelt, saving you from drowning in the January blues. 

Heavy-duty guitar riffs create a punishing pulsating Military-Grade ‘wall of sound’ backdrop, featuring trippy Asian vocals. Pure analogue synths are unleashed for the bass and lead hooks, that’s the wildly wonderous raucous ‘Does It Feel Right.’

‘Party People’ places guitars very much to the foreground, mingling with a smattering of sitar, the fat analogue bass synths providing a thick solid foundation for the vocals and guitars.

Asian Raver’ will shake rattle & roll your sonic senses to the hilt, gritty guitars sit sweetly with gently shimmering sitars, topped-up with classical Asian vox, all nesting atop a powerful, progressive dance pulse, so hold on tight and prepare for an eventful, pleasure-filled, magic carpet ride while being air-lifted to a hazy, smoke-filled, Moroccan tent.

LdashD elaborates on his ideals: "I believe we are all beneficiaries of the amazingly rich & diverse musical legacy handed-down through the centuries, I hope my own music sits comfortably in that life-enhancing, man-made mix of an ever-expanding musical universe in much the same way say, an artist, Picasso perhaps, does to his heritage, time will tell eh". 

Taking inspiration from his mentor, Picasso, who was also self-taught, LdashD reveals himself as a single-minded free-thinking solo production behemoth & multi-instrumentalist. His individualism and unique approach produce’s music as an artwork, not just entertainment. 

When the life of LdashD doesn’t revolve around making music, usually found in Brick Lane, London, you might come across a trail of L-D's latest graffiti/paste-ups or even a sculpture/plaque or two. 'Passport Tiles/Masks' are rapidly becoming much sought-after collectors' items. 

January 18, 2022 10:50am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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