Rock and Roll is reborn on the streets of Boston as Benmozes release their debut album ‘IMMIGRANT’


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Boston rock band Benmozes announce the release of their debut album ‘IMMIGRANT’, scheduled for release on the 10th of February — a 10-track journey built around explosive riffs, dark-melodic Rock and Roll, tinged with the highs and lows of life in our age, making it undeniably clear that this is not just another rock band.

‘IMMIGRANT’ is loaded with heavy rhythmic pulls and growling guitars. The distortion and overdrive are turned up to 11, the brooding vocals sway from low menacing tones to aching cries, whilst the heavy pounding drums grab the instant attention of anyone in earshot. The burst of energy popping out of the speakers when you play Benmozes' debut album ‘IMMIGRANT’ makes it undeniably clear that this is not just another rock band. Benmozes adds a wide range of variation to their debut record, from the dirty blues rock tones of the title track that invokes a rebellious call for misfits to resist and not remain silently oppressed by others. The long, drawn-out feel of ‘OMINOUS', more than six captivating minutes without a single chorus, slowly bubbles up into a legendary solo or the more balladesque, ‘AS MEMORY FADES’, a ray of light, a beacon cutting through a dark space, bringing a promise of hope with it.

Featured on the album is one of the band’s hit singles ‘SHE’S THE WAVE’ which was released back in mid-2021, as well as singles ‘LOSING IT’, ‘WITCHES AND SLAVES’, and ‘AS MEMORY FADES’. Bringing their own modern twist to the classic sounds of Boston, create what they describe as “mood-altering tunes with roaring guitars and punchy beat”, Benmozes’ sound is similar to bands such as Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood, and cleopatrick.

‘FAKE’ sets the stage for what’s to follow in the album. The point of view is that of an observer of society. An outsider refusing to be fooled by polished photos on social media showing sparkly perfect lives. Instead of glamour, beauty and fame, the observer is seeking truth. Continuing the lightweight pop vibe of ‘SHE’S THE WAVE’, the album’s 5th track, ‘TRIPS IN TIME’, brings different colours into the overall picture. The big, catchy, cheerful chorus has an 80’s appeal, with retro synth notes sprinkled in the back. ‘ABOUT TIME’ describes the complex relationship between a man and time as if it were a partner, friend or maybe an enemy. Then the album is sealed with the turbulence of sound as Benmozes decide to end the album with a statement in its intimate ‘WAITING FOR GOOD LUCK TO COME’.

The convergence of vocalist and guitarist Amit Ben-Moshe, lead guitarist Neil O’Connor, bassist Mike Burke and drummer Cole Calise creates the intense, melodic nuance of Benmozes. Ahead of their debut album, the band has already amassed well over 1 million streams across their releases. Hailing from the same city as some of America’s most groundbreaking and influential bands, such as Pixies, Aerosmith and The Modern Lovers, they may be far from selling out the same stadium tours. Still, that same raw Boston energy those bands began with flows through Benmozes. Perhaps now, with this kind of debut, the time has come for this band.

February 6, 2023 6:24am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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