Belfast-based Nathan O’Regan Unveils Soulful Single ‘It’ll Be Alright’ Out May 14th via Zenith Cafe

Announces Studio EP ‘Uncovered Vol. 1’ to Follow

“Nathan O'Regan is a name that may be on many music lovers’ lips over the next few months” - Irish News “Nathan O’Regan’s wit and humour win the crowd over straight away” - BBC Radio Ulster “his gritty yet smooth voice is as soulful as the greats.” - Today FM “a musician of serious quality and one to watch for sure” - Rock ‘N’ Load


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Cork-born, Belfast-based songwriter Nathan O’Regan is stepping into the spotlight with the release of his new single, ‘It’ll Be Alright’, set to debut on May 14th via Zenith Cafe. This release heralds the arrival of his inaugural studio EP with Zenith Cafe, ‘Uncovered Vol. 1’, a captivating compilation of covers paying homage to his favourite artists from his home. Throughout May, O’Regan will be doing a run of shows around the UK, including two stops at Brighton’s legendary Great Escape.

‘It’ll Be Alright’ unveils O’Regan’s soulful and funky sound, showcasing his distinctive blend of passionate vocals that seamlessly transition between gritty, heartfelt pleas and tender, longing melodies. Backed by grooving basslines, bluesy guitar riffs, and gentle choral harmonies, O’Regan delivers a sound that is uniquely his own. The lyrics, written by Gareth Dunlop, resonate with a message of support and companionship during times of struggle, drawing on the imagery of light and darkness and invoking classic songs such as ‘Lean On Me’, ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’, and ‘Stand By Me’, infusing the song with familiarity and depth.

A seasoned storyteller, O’Regan has enraptured audiences across Ireland with his emotive performances, which blend melancholy with hopefulness. Before focusing on his solo career, O’Regan curated the acclaimed monthly live show ‘Songbook’ in Belfast, providing a platform for emerging talent in the local music scene. ‘Uncovered Vol. 1’ serves as a farewell to this chapter of his career, featuring covers of beloved tracks that have inspired him throughout the years.

O’Regan’s career in music began at the age of sixteen when he was signed by Universal, who recognised his exceptional songwriting skills. Paired with producer Jimmy Hogarth, O’Regan began recording an album, only to face setbacks when communication from the label waned midway through the project. However, what might have been perceived as a setback by some became an opportunity for O’Regan to flourish independently. His resilience and undeniable talent have solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with, captivating audiences with his performances and earning widespread acclaim.

As O’Regan gears up for a series of shows across the UK in May, including two stops at Brighton’s esteemed Great Escape, anticipation is building for what O’Regan has in store.

Live Dates

May 13th - The Half Moon, Putney, London
May 14th - The Camden Club, London
May 16th - The Great Escape, Brighton
May 17th - The Great Escape, Brighton
May 23rd - Percy’s, Whitchurch
May 24th - Colne Delta Blues & Americana Club, Colchester
May 25th - Old London Road Cafe, Kingston Upon Thames

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