Global Sensation Qymira Releases Empowering New Single ‘Wait For No One’

Dedicated to Support her One Gaia Foundation

Qymira - ‘Wait For No One’ 14th June


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Following her explosive success in Brazil, acclaimed singer-songwriter Qymira is set to captivate audiences once again with her latest release, ‘Wait For No One’, slated for release on 14th of June via QiiA Media.

Continuing with her Brazilian theme, ‘Wait For No One’ is an irresistible track infused with Samba flair and an alluring presence. Qymira’s captivating vocals take centre stage as she seamlessly transitions between lush melodies and rapped flow. The track is a powerful anthem of female empowerment, encouraging women to stop wasting time on unreliable partners and to take charge of their own destinies.

Qymira dedicates her work to all children in need, reflecting her commitment through the One Gaia Foundation which she founded 3 years ago. The foundation aims to unite children through music, dance, arts, and sports, providing them with a source of focus and a sense of purpose. One Gaia empowers children by offering them platforms to explore and express their innate talents under the guidance of top professionals in related fields. Currently, the foundation is launching ten initiatives across music, arts, and sports in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Jamaica, and Brazil, with plans to expand to India and Africa.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in San Francisco, Qymira received a British education and started her artistic journey early, studying ballet from the age of two and learning piano, violin, and singing at three. Her passion for orchestral music flourished when she became the first violinist in the UK National String Academy during her teens. Inspired by the mythical creature, Chimera, Qymira is a multi-faceted, first-of-its-kind 3D character where fantasy meets reality through multimedia spanning the globe.

Qymira's impressive career started with her debut pop single, ‘Satisfied’, remixed by EEDB, which soared to No. 1 on the UK Music Week Breakers Chart. She toured nationally across the UK, performing before tens of thousands of fans. Her subsequent single, ‘Boom Bang Bang’, and accompanying UK tour received significant TV coverage in the UK and Europe. She then proceeded to conduct members of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra and Manila Philharmonic Orchestra for live recordings of her orchestral scores. Her original works are performed by symphony and philharmonic orchestras worldwide.

Last autumn, Qymira's single, ‘Give It To Me’ featuring Filipino singer, Kris Lawrence, and Brazilian rapper, Duendy Primeiro, charted at No. 5 on the UK Dance Chart. This sparked off an exciting collaboration with Doc B and artists in Brazil, with all 3 singles released on radio, ‘Perdão’ and ‘Sun & Sea’ both feat. Duendy Primeiro, and ‘Vem Comigo’ feat. Kaos, all reaching No. 1 on the Radio Chart in Bahia. Qymira also performed at the world-renowned Salvador Carnival earlier this year with famed Brazilian artist, Edu Casanova.


About the One Gaia Foundation:
The One Gaia Foundation first made an impact in the Philippines. During Christmas 2019, Qymira visited the Aetas community of Bataan. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, One Gaia supported children by donating tablets for remote learning, rebuilding schools ravaged by typhoon Odette, and providing school supplies. Qymira has also been involved with Everlasting Hope, a centre for children with cancer in Cebu providing essential needs, medical supplies, building accommodation, and holding sessions in arts and music. Additionally, Qymira has hosted feeding programs and dance initiatives for homeless children in Binondo, collaborated with the PWD (People With Disabilities)community in Mindanao, and supported communities and schools across Bohol and Isabela in the Philippines.

One Gaia is currently launching 10 initiatives across music, arts and sports in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Brazil, Jamaica, and later on India and Africa. The One Gaia Singing Souls contest for young singing talents is currently in its second season, and the Dancing Hopes contest for dancing talents will open for auditions later this year in the Philippines.

Her ongoing efforts champion children in need globally, empowering and providing opportunities for them to express their talents and shine under the mentorship of seasoned professionals and finally shine as one people.

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