The Woolfman Reveals Piano Version Of Soulful New Club Anthem ‘MY WOUNDED HEART’

The Woolfman - ‘MY WOUNDED HEART’

“​​destined to inevitably capture the hearts of listeners and glittering dancefloors worldwide.” - Music News “​​intertwines nostalgia with sharp, modern production and tantalising club anthemics” - Original Rock “The Woolfman has made a triumphant return with the enthralling new single” - Essentially Pop


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The award-winning multi-instrumentalist, writer, producer and visual artist The Woolfman is set to capture the hearts of listeners once again with the release of ‘MY WOUNDED HEART (Piano Version)’, out May 31st. Stripped to distinct chords and the passionate vocal performance of Italian jazz singer FC (known for her collaborations with Yusuf Islam and Trio Manouche), the track is reborn as an intimate ballad that recalls the resilience of love, long after the end of a relationship. Originally penned in Spanish, the heartfelt creation was sparked by a moment of inspiration at a gig where the echoes of the classic Spanish lament ‘Quizas Quizas Quizas’ played.

The Woolfman made his triumphant return with the jaw-dropping single ‘MY WOUNDED HEART’. Released on April 12th through W Records, the hit has already been endorsed by DJ legends such as David Guetta, peaked at #10 on The Music Week Pop Chart and garnered two film festival awards, including Best International Music Video at the Indie Vegas Film Festival and the winner at 1st Monthly Film Festival.

Beatport has witnessed a surge of DJ downloads for the exclusive remix pack, attesting to the widespread acclaim and resonance of The Woolfman’s latest release. The numbers on Beatport speak volumes, underscoring the undeniable appeal of this release. Following this triumph, audiences can expect an additional visual experience for ‘MY WOUNDED HEART (Piano Version)’, which promises to be a darkly-lit love letter to the song’s profound meaning.

Speaking on the track, Woolfman shared that, “this song was originally written as a piano piece. One night at a gig, after my own performance, I heard a young woman perform her version of ‘Quizas Quizas Quizas’ the popular Cuban song from 1947. I was touched by its beauty and simplicity. That night, around 3am, in a dream, I wrote a Spanish lyric for my own tune inspired by the feeling in the performance I had witnessed.”

With an eclectic and storied career spanning decades in the music industry, The Woolfman made his mark, from his days with ‘80s one-hit wonders Blue Zoo to his recent triumph at the Cannes World Film Festival with his debut release, ‘Make America Love Again’ (Best Song & Best cause-driven film in 2021). Now, The Woolfman has carved out his own unique space in the realms of piano and house music, seamlessly blending genres with each new endeavour winning further awards including the winner of Best International Music Video at the Indie Vegas Film Festival, as well as the winner of 1st Monthly Film Festival. The music video has also received over 130,000 YouTube views.

Having a track record of success that includes multiple Top 5 positions in the Music Week Club and Pop Charts, as well as numerous awards for his previous audiovisual works such as ‘Listen to the Beat’, ‘Big Big Lessons’, and ‘Make America Love Again’, anticipation for The Woolfman’s next project is palpable. In the mesmerizing ‘MY WOUNDED HEART (Piano Version)’, The Woolfman and FC seamlessly weave a tapestry of raw emotion, speaking to the wounded heart in all of us.

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