Elan Suave Channels Vibes from the Caribbean with New Summer Smash Single “No No”


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(NEW YORK, NY) 18-year-old wunderkind Elan Suave continues his prodigious pace of releasing quality music into the fold with a new Caribbean inspired gem, “No No” via label Bam Bam Productions. The release of “No No” is symbolic in a number of ways as it fulfills Elan’s commitment to releasing a Caribbean style track every summer and moreso, it represents Elan’s embracement of his Jamaican heritage. The result is a track with magnetic appeal and an eclectic musicality that has an unquestionable danceability.

“No No” is a formidable follow up to Elan’s 5-track EP release “1 OF 1” in March which is still surging strong on streaming platforms as well as continuing to garner substantial media coverage and placements on national radio airplay charts. The EP will surely partner with “No No” in creating a stir in the industry and music listeners alike as the temperatures rise this summer season.

“No No” was produced by Brigi (Marco Brigljevic), a burgeoning producer and beatmaker out of Croatia, and it features a Caribbean infused instrumentation which incorporates a gripping melody throughout that sounds like a cross between an electric keyboard and steel drum. Accompanied by a similar Caribbean patterned percussion and grandiose low end boom of the bass, ‘No No” masterfully forms into a three-headed dynamo of hip-hop, R&B and dancehall. Let it virtually whisk your mind away to your preferred sun-soaked Caribbean destination while absorbing the island breeze and vibes.

Elan douses the illuminating soundscape with a vocal performance that showcases the smooth waves of his melodic rap/singing flow that has come to characterize his recordings. He mellifluously navigates the instrumental with such a seamless transition between rapping and singing that all the components intrinsically form into a top notch vocal presentation.

So what is the story behind “No No”?!?

The song touches on the concept of a girl who Elan is involved with that cannot be pleased no matter what he does. He’s invested his emotions, time and finances into her and she’s still not content, asking for more and more. Getting the sense that this girl is operating with ulterior motives and using him, Elan reaches a boiling point and defiantly declares, “No No!”. He’s had enough of this situation and putting an end to it.

Invoking a topic that’s extremely relatable and meshing it with an infectious rhythm and groove, “No No” is primed to leave a lasting imprint, almost as enduring as the catchy hook which will stick in your memory bank long after listening…one of those type of choruses you will find yourself refraining without realizing it.

“No No” is available on all streaming platforms and you can listen to it via the Spotify link below. Make sure to stream it on repeat, place it in your top playlists and save it to your Favorites Library for quick access. Club and radio DJ’s, make this boommode track a “must-have” in your sets and airplay programming. Enjoy!

Listen to “No No” on Spotify

For media and business inquiries, contact:
Donovan Griffiths, Bam Bam Productions LLC
Tel: (347) 210-0404 / Email: BBPllcmusic@gmail.com
Bam Bam Productions LLC is a family-owned independent label.


To stay up to date with the music endeavors of Elan Suave or to find out more information on the budding artist, follow him on any of the social media platforms below:

Official Website : http://www.elansuave.com/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/theofficial.elan/
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Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/theofficialela2
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFpsg4YomDv0PR_BlQ_F0DA


Elan Suave (“Elan”) is a talented 18-years-old hip-hop artist from New York City. He entered the music business at age 14 and in three years independently released 38 songs and accumulated 6.5M streams independently across Spotify, Soundcloud, Audiomack, and Apple Music. His songs and videos have been placed in over 200 media and lifestyle outlets across the world: eg. radio stations like 102.3 WOW, Power 97 D, and Blaze 1 Radio; video outlets such as BetJams, RevoltTV, and Tempo Network; in-store media for Footlocker (USA), Storeplay (Australia), and Mood Media (Netherland); and blogs and magazines such as Elevator Mag, Music Connection, and Skope Magazine. Elan also appeared in the “artists to watch” section of XXL Magazine’s July 2021 Freshmen issue.

Elan’s music has been added to thousands of playlists on Spotify, the streaming platform where Elan and his team place most of their marketing efforts. As a result, 75% of Elan’s total streams have been on Spotify. Further, 21 of his songs have been added to Spotify’s algorithm playlists and 1, “Found Me”, his most popular song with over 1 million streams, was added to a Spotify Editorial playlist.

While pursuing his aspirations as an artist, Elan attended high school, Fordham Preparatory School in the Bronx, and graduated on June 15, 2021. He was accepted into Howard University, where he moved in as a freshman on August 6, 2021. In college, Elan intends to continue developing his musical talent and abilities while acquiring an education to assist him in the music business and to eventually achieve his goal of becoming a successful artist.

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