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Florence Welch: 'I wrote to J-17 for advice when I was younger'

Flame-haired songstress Florence Welch, of Florence + the Machine fame, has opened up about her younger years and confessed that she had a coven when she was at school. 

During a new interview with Time Out, the 'Ship To Wreck' sensation explained that she and her friends could always be found doing spells:

"Yes! I had a coven and we had spell books. It was all about trying to get these boys to fall in love with us: pricking our fingers and putting blood in a jar. I started making a shrine. My mum got very angry with me because I kept lighting candles and she thought I was going to set the house on fire."

She joked that her mother didn't really enjoy all the candles so she sought advice from a magazine about how to handle the situation: "I wrote a letter to J-17 saying: “My mum won’t let me light candles for my shrine, what do I do?” They didn’t print the letter in the magazine."

"I don’t think our spells worked. I don’t think Joe ever did fall in love with me. Or maybe the spell worked so well that he still is in love with me."

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Watch Welch singing to a fan below:


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