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Florence Welch learnt how to command attention from early band days

Singer of Florence and the Machine, Florence Welch, has admitted that getting her music career started was difficult. 

She revealed to E! Online that where she once had to try to get the attention of gig-goers, now she is lucky to be in a position where her fans know her and want to see her and the band perform:

"Everyone's talking and drinking and you kind of really have to command the room. I kind of learned actually how to control it more and now what's lucky is people are already listening and I don't have to shout to get their attention."

"I was always pretty loud. I think that was part of it - where the style of singing came from, having to get people's attention."

She also said that she loved the cover 'Glee' did of her track, 'Dog Days Are Over':

"It was like: this was a song I had written in a basement in a tiny studio in South London and now it's on Glee! It was surreal."

Watch the video for 'Dog Days Are Over' here: