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Florence Welch writing "dark metaphors" for new record

Florence Welch has teased fans with a few details about her forthcoming second album

The singer, who fronts Florence and the Machine, explained to Nylon magazine that she is writing a lot about "imaginary things" and "things you can't touch":

"A lot of the songs on the new album are about imaginary things, things that you can't touch: ghosts and rumours, my dead grandmother, things visiting you in a dream."

She also admits that just because she is in a happy relationship doesn't mean she's writing about love and positivity:

"It still feels like I'm very much drawn to dark metaphors in the new songs. It always feels like as if with each song you write, you're trying to understand something about yourself: Why am I this way? What's wrong with me?"

Addressing her upcoming 25th birthday, Welch added:

"It feels as if there's still a lot of questioning left to do. Just because I'm happy in my relationship, I've still got issues to deal with. I'm going to be 25 and I feel like I've got to be a grown-up now. I feel like your life is always a battle between safety and freedom."

Watch her live performance of 'Howl' on the David Letterman show here: