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Florence Welch admits Arcade Fire made her cry

Florence and the Machine's flame-haired frontwoman, Florence Welch, doesn't normally get star struck but she has revealed that there was one band in particular that left her in tears. 

In a new video interview with Nylon magazine, she explained that when she met Arcade Fire she "started to cry":

"I love Arcade Fire so much, ever since 'Funeral', I'd love to work with them." 

Welch has just been named as the face and muse of Gucci so is used to both excessive paparazzi and meeting famous people, but the band's Win Butler tipped her over the edge:

"I met Win Butler recently and I was so starstruck that I cried. I went to see them at the O2 Arena and I went to the afterparty and after they all came in and I met him I just started to cry."

Watch the interview here: