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Florence Welch: 'Fashion is much more emotional to me than music'

Florence Welch, who graces the cover of the latest issue of Billboard magazine, has opened up about her incredibly unique sense of style and explained that it has developed alongside her career. 

She revealed that she finds fashion "much more emotional" than music because of the way a certain look can influence her mood and exclaimed that "it's not inner turmoil. It's total escapism":

"Just that sense of romanticism and escapism and the dream of it has always been quite alluring to me, as well as that sense of becoming a character through clothes. Music to me is so internal. It's physical and it's emotional. Whereas fashion is so much about the external that it's almost like a break. It's not inner turmoil. It's total escapism."

"Music can tear me up inside. Whereas fashion is much more emotional because of the way that clothes makes you feel … I think music is so much about the battling out of two sides of yourself and with fashion you can put something on and you feel a certain way. You're not trying to exercise a demon."

She added that her love of fashion has grown at the same rate as her career and she's really interested in how her look has the ability to affect her performances:

"Now I've become much more interested in colors, the way that things move on stage and what affects my performance when I'm wearing certain clothes."

Watch her newly released video for 'Shake It Out' here: