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Florence Welch was given lessons in high heels from U2's Bono

Florence Welch has revealed that touring with U2 over the summer taught her some great lessons, but the most surprising one of all came from the band's frontman, Bono. 

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the red-headed siren explained how Bono showed her how to work the stage successfully in high-heeled shoes:

"Bono was great. He gave me advice on how to perform even when I'm wearing huge high heeled shoes. He told me how to keep my feet on the spot and use my arms."

She also added that alcohol flowed freely during her stint supporting the Irish rockers, but she has since decided not to drink while on the road because it takes such a toll on her stamina:

"When we toured with U2 it was such a gruelling schedule. I had shows every day and I can't do that with a hangover. So I've been good to myself."

Watch her recently released video for 'Shake It Out' below: