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Florence Welch struggles to connect with people on a personal level

Florence Welch has revealed that she struggles to connect with people on a personal level when she isn't performing. 

The red-haired Florence + The Machine songstress opened up about the difference between her life on the stage and as an ordinary member of society, and explained that now she's experienced an "intense connection with a few thousand people" on stage she finds it difficult to recreate the feeling one to one:

"'Singing is the only time I truly feel happy. You have that intense connection with a few thousand people and it feels real. Then you come back off tour and its hard to have that intense connection to someone one to one."

"'I wonder if having a connection with that many people makes it impossible to have a meaningful connection alone with one person?''




Welch also admitted to Q magazine that once she's finished a live set and returns to the emptiness of a hotel room she becomes deeply "sad":

"This job is not making me sad, it is the situation I'm in is making me sad. The people, the places, the shows, I love all of that. It's just those quiet moments in the hotel room where everything just goes.''

Watch her performance of 'No Light, No Light' from the 2012 BRIT Awards below: