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Gary Barlow writing music for new film: 'Movie work is an extension of making records'

Singer Gary Barlow has revealed that he's involved in the official soundtrack for new movie, 'Kingsman: The Secret Service', and is excited about how the project is turning out. 

Speaking to Spitfire Audio, the Take That sensation explained that he watched the film and created the music around what he saw so it's a very involved way of writing and composing:

"My involvement in film work has been brief so far. For Stardust and X-Men we watched the movie and went away and wrote a song. We've just done it again last week for a new movie called 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'. It's the best way of writing something specifically for a movie."

The 'Patience' star went onto add: "I see our film work as an extension of making records. The two should work hand in hand. The film exposure is good for your song and the radio exposure is good for the film."

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Watch the official trailer for the movie below: