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Gary Barlow offers songwriting help to Robbie Williams

Gary Barlow has offered to help out Robbie Williams should be get stuck writing songs for his solo career.

Williams recently confirmed that he is starting work on a new album as he takes a break from Barlow and his other fellow Take That comrades.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Barlow revealed that the pair have written some new songs together - and offered a helping hand to Williams should he ever need some songwriting inspiration. When asked if the duo are "creative partners", he replied:

"I hope so. I've written some stuff already, actually, with Rob."

He added: "I mean, Rob writes all year round. But I always said to him, 'if you get a sticky patch or whatever, I'll come in and reignite all that stuff'. Cause I'm someone who's always creating, writing - I've always got ideas. So he can use me whenever he wants."




Watch the video for Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams' 2010 collaborative effort 'Shame' below: