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Gary Barlow insists he didn’t take on Queen’s Diamond Jubilee role to gain knighthood

Gary Barlow has insisted that he didn’t take on his various duties for this week’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in order to gain a knighthood.

The Take That star has been busy organising Monday night’s Buckingham Palace concert as well as travelling across the world to record the official Commonwealth anthem, 'Sing,' but told the Daily Record that he certainly didn't accept the roles for selfish reasons:

“I must say, when I was first asked to do the concert itself I felt like, ‘Wow, this is probably as big as it’s going to get.’

“So I was very excited about that and, you know what, the point was, it wasn’t just ‘Yeah I’ll get that title off you thank you very much. It was about knowing I could do something special with the concert.

“And I have done. I wanted it to feel like the people’s concert, so I took it outside the Buckingham Palace gates. I want everyone to feel included.”

The 41-year-old, who is expected to perform a duet with Cheryl Cole at the concert, also revealed how nervous he was at presenting his song to the Queen:

“I was definitely nervous. But she makes you feel very at ease. She really enjoyed it. And I think for her, if you think of what her day is like, the dignitaries that she meets, the royal occasions she puts on, I felt like it was 30 minutes of fun for her.

“She was listening to music and hearing stories of some lovely people. I felt like it was a bit of a break.”




Watch the video for the official Commonwealth anthem, 'Sing,' below: