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Gary Barlow: 'Robbie Williams and I get so competitive with each other'

'X Factor' panelist Gary Barlow has revealed that he's excited about going head-to-head against Take That bandmate Robbie Williams in the UK albums chart next month because they're competitive. 

Barlow is due to release his new solo effort, entitled 'Since I Saw You Last', on November 25 and Williams' new record, 'Swings Both Ways', will drop just one week before so there will be a battle between them on the UK Top 40. 

Speaking to MTV News, the 'Sing' hitmaker explained that he likes to challenge Williams and this will give them the perfect opportunity to exercise their playful energies:

"We're a competitive pair me and Rob, we get competitive just being in the same room or same dinner table, so yeah, I'm looking forward to existing in the same chart."

"I am looking forward to it, just because it comes from a much better place than it used to come from, our competition. I have a lot of love for him and I know he's got just a little bit for me. I mean the interesting thing is, I've written a song on his new record and he's written one on mine so we share the love around these days."



Watch Barlow's music video for 'Let Me Go' here: