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Tuesday, May 2, 2017 12:14pm ET by  

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Niall Horan's new single 'Slow Hands' to be released this Thursday on May 4

Niall Horan's new single, 'Slow Hands,' will be released on Thursday, May 4.

The 23-year-old pop star gave his 29.4 million fans a surprise yesterday (May 1), by announcing the long-awaited follow-up to his debut solo single, 'This Town'. Taking to Twitter to share the artwork, he wrote:

"I know you’ve been waiting and I’m delighted to announce my new single, ‘Slow Hands,’ will be out 4th May ! can’t wait for you all to hear it. (sic)"

The Irish hunk's song comes weeks after his One Direction bandmate Harry Styles dropped his solo single 'Sign Of The Times'.

Meanwhile, Horan previously revealed he pushed back the release of his album in order to work on perfecting it. Earlier this year, he said:

"I'm looking forward to bringing it out, but again I want to get it right and I don't want to just half a*s it, you know?"

Horan released 'This Town' in September to reassure his fans he had been working hard since his group went on hiatus in 2015, but admitted he wasn't expecting the reaction the record received. He said:

"We just put it out to kind of let people know that I was actually doing something... I knew the song was good when I wrote it... but the reaction to it has been insane."

He has been teasing fans with potential collaborations with Shawn Mendes and The Chainsmokers.

Niall responded to the electronic duo - Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall - on Twitter after they jokingly asked him what his natural hair colour is. They signed off their tweet saying "see you next week," leading fans to speculate that they are heading into the studio together. The duo asked Horan on Twitter:

"yo @NiallOfficial are you blonde or brunette what's the deal? (sic)"

To which, he replied: "@TheChainsmokers that sounds like the type of question drew would ask! (sic)"

And Andrew laughed: "lol wrong was alex. But he shares a similar curiosity. see you next week buddy :) (sic)"

And when 'Treat You Better' hitmaker Mendes, 18, was asked if the collaboration is happening, he said:

"Yes, definitely, it will. Eventually when we get time. I met him for the first time the other day, but it's funny because we felt like we knew each other because we were talking back and forth for a long time. But yeah, when we get the chance, I'd love to write with him. I think he's incredible. He's got this great, great vibe happening with this whole acoustic thing, so I think I really want to get involved with it, if he is down. Which he is, I think."

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