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'Glee' cast reveal what they want for their characters

The cast of 'Glee' have revealed what they want to happen to the characters they play on the show and Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester, explained that she would love a more serious storyline. 

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she confessed that having Sylvester give a genuine performance that wasn't for comic relief would be great and challenging: "I'd love to have her do something serious in the way the kids do, where she sings a song because she can find no other way to express herself than in song. Sue hasn't had one of those."

Songstress Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry on the hit U.S. musical series, added that she would enjoy shooting an episode where she could just wear lounge pants and no make-up: "I'd like to do a whole episode in bed, where Rachel is sick and has to lay in bed in comfy clothes for an entire episode."

Darren Criss, known for portraying Blaine Anderson, confessed that he wants his character's parents to make an appearance as it would flesh out the personality and back story a little: "I would love to meet Blaine's parents. They've alluded to Blaine having some kind of daddy issues and it would be cool to see that. … Blaine has been like five different characters, so I'd like to have a parental story arc to understand why that happened."

Criss, meanwhile, recently praised temporary cast member Adam Lambert and told E! that the vocal powerhouse is a welcome addition: "I do. I love Adam, he's a good pal and he's so outrageously talented. We just had a screening of the last episode Frenemies and every note he sang...there were just murmurs [of people saying he was so good]. So we're very lucky to have him."

"He's gotta go be a popstar or whatever he does in his spare time, but I love having him here. I've got to do some scenes with him and he's just a blast. I think he lights the camera up and God knows he lights our brains up with that voice."

Watch the cast of 'Glee' perform a rendition of 'Brave' below: