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'Glee' creator: 'No one could ever replace Finn for Rachel Berry'

Ryan Murphy, the co-creator of hit U.S. musical drama 'Glee', has revealed his plans for Lea Michele's character on the programme following the death of her co-star and real-life boyfriend, Cory Monteith, last July. 

Speaking about the character Rachel Berry and what the show has in store for her future, Murphy explained that they'll never be able to replace Monteith's slot on 'Glee' so they won't write in another love interest for now:

"We have to sort of pause and think, well, what are we going to do with Rachel? So this year what we decided to do was to remove the equation of anybody coming in and taking Finn's place because I don't really think that's possible."

Murphy added that he will sit down with Michele and talk with her about her character's upcoming storylines because he wants her to be happy with the direction of Rachel Berry's life: "And it's something that I think we'll consult with Lea about and to be quite honest, we just haven't been able to crack it, because I feel like it's such a sensitive topic and I think the fans have such an idea about it."

"I think half of them feel like yes, Rachel should go on, and I think half of them probably feel like no she shouldn't, and I probably think, you know, we'll follow Lea's lead as we have so many times this year. And she's always been so great and so sensitive and been so wise about how to handle that stuff, so we have to make that decision in the next couple weeks if not months."

Watch the cast of 'Glee' perform 'Happy' here: