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Final season of 'Glee' cut from 22 episodes to just 13: 'It'll go out in a way that celebrates it'

It was recently confirmed that the final season of 'Glee' has been cut from 22 episodes down to just 13 and the network's chairman has now reassured fans that it will "go out in a way that celebrates it". 

Fox's Chairman and CEO Peter Rice opened up about the change in schedule at the 2014 Summer TCA Press Tour on Sunday (July 20) and explained that keeping the last run short and sweet would be a more powerful way to wrap the show:

"I think 'Glee' is one of the great shows in television was so hot and so big. It touched so many hearts and it brought social issues to floor and it burned so hot and so fast."

"We want to go out in way that celebrates it. We thought that a final 13 episodes and compacting it and doing it in a straight-run was a better way to finish the show."

The show's creator, Ryan Murphy, went onto add that he hopes the final season will be the strongest yet and that everyone who has been involved with it previously will express an interest in returning one last time:

"My feeling about the last season of 'Glee' is very clear, and that is that we will be reaching out to all of the regulars on the show, that original group of Glee club members and the teachers, and anybody who wants to come back can come back. Anybody who wants to be a part of the show, we welcome them." 

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