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'Glee' beauty Naya Rivera on new single 'Sorry': 'It's my baby'

Singer and actress Naya Rivera has just released her debut single, 'Sorry', and revealed that it's a life-long dream come true. 

Speaking exclusively to Rolling Stone magazine, she explained that she is overwhelmed at the opportunities her life has presented to her: "I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I was a little girl. It’s always been my dream to release my own music. I love writing, and I wrote this song, so to see something that I’ve been wanting to do forever come true is amazing. Seeing my solo stuff on iTunes right now is blowing my mind."

When asked if releasing solo material feels different to her career on hit U.S. musical series 'Glee', she admitted: "This is my baby. This is something that I did for me and I really fought hard to have people believe in me and believe in the song, so it definitely feels different."

The lyric video for 'Sorry' features a significant amount of nudity and Rivera confessed that she's not concerned about alienating her young fans with this move into more sexually open expression because she's mindful that anything she does remains within the boundaries of 'tasteful':

"No, because if I do anything that could be considered boundary pushing, I always want to do it in a tasteful way. Also, at the end of the day, on Glee we’re not trying to fool anybody. [Laughs] Everybody knows that most of the guys are thirty and the girls are twenty-six or twenty-seven, so I think we can get away with doing more adult content."






Watch the official lyric video for 'Sorry' here: