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'Glee' star Jane Lynch: 'My therapist and I are good friends'

Actress Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester on 'Glee', has revealed that she has been seeing a psychologist for years and the pair have created a solid friendship that extends beyond the therapy sessions. 

Speaking to, the star explained that unloading your troubles to a professional is not only incredibly cathartic, but very helpful: 

"I think I'm fascinated with therapy and I'm fascinated with my own therapist. I have a terrific therapist who I've seen over the years and I would say we're probably friends now. We've come to the point where we're friends ... She's a very interesting person."

Lynch, who recently paid tribute to her late 'Glee' colleague Cory Monteith at the Emmy awards, added that seeing a therapist has helped her acting career too as it allows you to look at things in a different way: "That kind of exploration that you do in therapy makes you more open and more creative and more empathetic."

"You're able to see a character from the point of view of the inside out, as opposed to, 'Oh, I'm playing a bad guy.' Let's get deep inside this person so we know what makes a sociopath tick. What in me is sociopathic? And we all have it."






Watch Lynch talk about the shocking death of Monteith below: