JAY EBBY EAST has delivered yet another anthem with his second single ‘City Skies’

City Skies is the second single to be released by Colchester musician Jay Ebby East and it is everything you would expect from an artist of this quality.

The song boasts a powerful vocal, catchy chorus’s and a guitar line which can only be described as anthemic. Jay likes to do it his own way and the uniqueness of this track proves that he is not afraid to stay well away from the status quo.

Jay who recently signed a 3 album deal with London based record company Global Sound Group said ‘No one including my record label expected the success we got from the first single, it is incredible’.

‘It has been a little while since I last released a track but I know it was definitely worth the wait, you will love it’.

Jay undoubtedly knows how to write a killer track and this was evidently noticed by his label Global Sound Group. James Dyble of Global Sound Group said ‘I discovered Jay in 2016 and I knew he would become a big name, I kept a close eye on him and once I saw the hype generating for ‘On The Other Side’ I knew we had to sign him’,

He went on to say ‘Jays debut single went onto be played on lots of radio stations up and down the U.K with an estimated reach of more than 1 million people within the first month or two of release’.

City skies is tipped to be a big success over the coming months and if you have not heard it yet, we highly recommend doing so.

Listen to ‘CITY SKIES’ at www.jayebbyeast.com. 

August 2, 2017 1:18pm ET by Global Sound Group   Comments (0)

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