Jay Ebby East reinvents a classic with ‘On My Own’

Colchester based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Jay Ebby East, has released his latest single ‘On My Own’. Originally performed by Richard Ashcroft, it is a track that perfectly compliments Jay’s 90s driven musical style.

Jay Ebby East was brought up in a musical family, with his dad also an avid musician. After 10 years of developing his tongue lyrically and performing alongside some of the biggest names in the 90s rave scene, he turned to rock ‘n’ roll. In 2016, with a sound heavily influenced by artists like Oasis, Neil Young and Richard Ashcroft, Jay began writing and recording his album ‘The 4th Dimension’ and in 2017 he released his single ‘On The Other Side’, which has racked up over forty-two thousand views on YouTube.

Originally released in 1995 by The Verve, Jay’s new single, ‘On My Own’, captures his signature sound with great style. His vocal delivery is a perfect fit to the song, it’s smooth and controlled, yet still has that little bit of rock ‘n’ roll grit, which really gives the track it’s emotion.

Jay Ebby East’s twist on this classic makes for a fitting new single from the artist who is already causing waves with his 90s rock sound. 

April 23, 2018 8:25am ET by Global Sound Group   Comments (0)

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