nSanders Releases Dreamy New Single 'Synergy of Seven'


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UK based Ambient Sonic Artist, nSanders, has released his new single ‘Synergy of Seven’, lifted from the highly anticipated new album ‘Synergy’ and it is everything you would expect from such a creative and established artist.

The music of nSanders is like nothing else, combining stunning ambient soundscapes with elements of progressive rock and electronica. He has been composing music from a very early age, playing piano, synths, guitar, drums and percussion. Describing his unique sound he says, ‘I try to express my inner most emotions and thoughts through painting with sound. This in turn creates ambient textures with a sense of fore and background.’

nSanders is already a well established artist, with a number 1spot in the National Ambient Charts and holding a top 10 position for over two months under his previous name of nss58. It comes as no surprise then, that ‘Synergy of Seven’ is nothing short of excellent. Combining flavours of dreamy
ambient music, punchy drums and piano melodies, it is truly unique. With this release, nSanders has increased anticipation for his new album ‘Synergy’, due to be released later this year.

September 17, 2018 10:14am ET by Global Sound Group  

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