From Despair to Abbey Road – They Told Him He Couldn’t


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Jay Ebby East is a signed singer, guitarist, record producer and songwriter from the city of Colchester, England. He was brought up surrounded by music, as his Dad was also a keen musician. Jay has a music style reminiscent of Oasis, Neil Young and Richard Ashcroft. It is evident lyrically and audibly, that he has been heavily influenced by this generation of Rock.

Jay Ebby East’s story is a special one. He is a prime example of how music can turn your life around for the better. Jay suffered for years dealing with the damaging effects of depression and addiction, to the point of suicidal thoughts. Jay spent two years in recovery, following the 12-step fellowship and turned his life around, now being sober for over 8 years.

Jay managed to build his life back up through his music. After years of hell, he finally found the light within his music. Eventually feeling a part of something thanks to his newfound home within the music industry. Music was there for him when there was a lack of help at desperate times of need.

Jay’s most recent single, “In The City Tonight” was even mastered at Abbey Road Studios. This was a life-changing, pinch yourself moment. He told me it was like ‘walking down the hall of fame’ walking into such a prestigious studio, where heroes of his once stood and recorded such iconic albums.

People told him time and time again that he would never achieve great things, that he would never get to where he is now. They told him he couldn’t but look at him now.

At this point today, Jay tells me that, in his words, he truly is ‘living the dream.’ After picking himself up from a true rock bottom to hearing his songs on national radio stations. Getting to spend such valuable time in one of the world’s greatest and most prolific studios, Abbey Road is a dream come true.

Jay now goes out of the way to help others who are also struggling with similar issues, as nobody knows how it feels more than someone else who has genuinely gone through it. Jay hopes that now, his music can be an outlet for others who have also gone through mental health struggles. That his success story will inspire others to go out and achieve their dreams, no matter what you have been through. Your struggles should never hold you back, every unique individual has the power to succeed and achieve even their wildest dreams.

His music has progressively evolved as his life has turned around, from his debut single ‘On The Other Side’ to his newest single ‘In The City Tonight’ his songs tell the story of his journey. Jay Ebby East’s heartfelt music illustrates his road to recovery and instils hope in others who have also suffered.

Jay’s story is a story of hope, instead of what was at one time, a story of hell.

December 3, 2019 11:49am ET by Global Sound Group  

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